BDK Mixed Movement Arts

Welcome to Budokon Montreal

Budokon translates directly in Japanese as (Bu) warrior, (Do) way, (Kon) spirit - or “way of the spiritual warrior.” Founded in 2001 by yogic and martial arts master Cameron Shayne, Budokon is the first and only art form to integrate yoga, martial arts, and living arts into one complete system. At Budokon International, we are committed to the continuing evolution of global consciousness by teaching the physical, emotional and intellectual skills essential to enhance performance and bring balance into every field of human endeavor.

Budokon draws inspiration from innovation. Influenced by many styles, but a slave to none, the Budokon physical practice is a mixed system that combines the explosiveness of Karate and Olympic taekwondo, the agility of Jiu-Jitsu, and the playfulness of Capoeira with the artistry and fluidity of Tai Chi, and the meditative and restorative quality of yoga into one seamless expression. It is a true evolution of movement that must be experienced to be understood.

“The way we move reflects the way we think. The way we think reflects the way we live. The way we live reflects the world we create.”

Kancho Cameron Shayne